Are you ready to help your clients fight hair loss AND increase your income by $100k?

Are you eager to help your clients fight one of the biggest confidence-assassins out there and have them rave about your services to their friends and family?

Would you like to become the go-to hair loss genius by being recognized and praised for your expertise?

Are you interested in expanding your services to improve your client’s experience in your chair?

Would your clients benefit from receiving customized treatment plans that treat their hair and scalp, and keep them healthy? How about having access to the tools and techniques used by the hair loss experts around the globe?

How would you feel about building a profitable hair loss business without affecting your current services, and without spending time and money to reach new clients?

If your answer to any of these questions is: “YES!”, then you're exactly where you need to be.

"This was one of the best eye openers for me as a stylist who really cares about the people I service. I am so comfortable with having conversations with clients who I feel need further assistance than I can give. I am more equipped with information to have that hard conversation and also recognize when it is beyond my expertise. That workbook is the best reference for me, anytime I need a refresher it is my go to. You definitely exceeded my expectations. I have had conversations with the Trichologist in my area and the words she speaks don't sound so foreign anymore, and I have a much better understanding... This was a game changer for me. Thank you again for providing the content you do because it is needed WORLDWIDE." 

- Keisha Mobley, Hairstylist



17 - 21 February 2024

WARNING: Taking this course will instantly change the trajectory of your business and launch you into the company of A-list beautypreneurs.

General Admission includes access to all 5-days worth of lectures and a certificate of completion. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

VIP Status includes access to all 5-days of trichology mastermind sessions, a micro-mister, access to the "One Day to Get Paid" Event being held on 17, February 2024 and a certificate of completion. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. For more info on this please see FAQ section.

How many clients have you disappointed by not knowing how to help them with hair loss?

As hairstylists we need to keep improving our skills to stay competitive and in tune with the market needs. And do you know what is the fastest growing branch of the hair care industry? Hair loss. With 40% of women facing hair loss by the time they turn 40, chances are you’ve already had a client dealing with this problem. And in all likelihood, you probably didn’t know how to truly help them.

It’s frustrating both for a hairstylist and for a suffering client to be faced with a scalp or hair issue with no access to effective, lasting solutions. Becoming an expert in scalp and hair health will not only set you apart from an average stylist next door, it will also give you an opportunity to help your clients with what’s bothering them the most. In return, you will see your income increase by six figures without even having to work longer hours or find new clients.

"Hey Ky! Just wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to you and express my gratitude for the Awesome knowledge that I received for RYR "Identifying Hair loss Behind The Chair". I've already started implementing what I've learned and loving the results. My motto is that I teach what I know until what I know catches up with me. Catching up requires continuing education and the education that I received from you has been phenomenal. Thank you for being so open to sharing your knowledge." 

- Demetria Hayden, Hairstylist

iD Hair Loss BTC is an exclusive gathering of licensed cosmetologists and barbers, all eager to learn from the beauty industry thought leaders and renowned experts.

This information-packed 5-day experience will advance your career and truly help your clients who are suffering from hair and scalp maladies. The knowledge you’ll get from this course will set you apart from other hairstylists in your community and allow you to serve your clients on a deeper, holistic level. You’ll quickly build a reputation as the hair loss expert to talk to when in need, and this will reflect on your income as well.

General admission includes access to all 5-days worth of lectures and a certificate of completion. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

VIP status includes access to all 5-days of trichology mastermind sessions, a micro-mister, access to the "One Day to Get Paid" Event being held on  17, February 2024 and a certificate of completion. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. For more info please see the FAQ section.

In this course you will learn:

  • The complete scalp and hair anatomy;

  • About the intricate connections between hair and bodily systems;

  • How to create customized treatment plans based on your clients’ scalp needs;

  • How to differentiate between the non-scarring and scarring alopecia;

  • How to perform microscopic hair analysis;

  • How to conduct a hair loss consultation like an experienced expert would;

  • When you should refer your client to a medical specialist who could support their journey towards healthy hair and scalp;

  • How to treat the scalp independently from the hair, depending on the client’s condition;

  • How to use hair products to maintain a healthy scalp microbiome and treat dandruff;

  • How to customize the hair care regimen according to the hair’s fabric;

and much more.

“I've been praying and fasting! You have given life through your videos! I'm in the process of unlearning to relearn the correct way, when it comes to my career. I'll say that I'm a healthy hair stylist but after watching you I have a whole new outlook on where my career is going to GO! I have things to do and things to learn. I want to applaud you so much for sharing your videos and inspiring me to want to do better. I was stuck there for a minute with a bachelor's degree and an instructor's license, and didn't understand why I kept going with education, but it's like I see now why. You made it plain and simple.” 

- Shuroya Ray- Hairstylist

This is not another course that will drown you in the sea of theoretical and impractical information - on the contrary, the course is designed to teach you actionable techniques that you can immediately apply on your clients.

You’ll finally be able to serve even the toughest hair loss cases that you previously had to turn away. And you’ll do so from a position of authority, being an expert that your clients can trust.

The information taught in this course is backed up by real life case studies of people suffering from alopecia, where the right treatment has turned their lives around by 180 degrees.

Finally, you’ll become part of a community of like-minded hair care professionals who support and celebrate each others’ success. You’ll learn from renowned experts in the field of hair loss and connect with top hairstylists from all over the world. The exchange of experiences and best practices is possibly the most valuable part of the course, allowing you to make breakthroughs through insights into different perspectives.

Pick the brain of the leading hair loss expert

The course is designed by Ky Smith, internationally known as Your Hair Loss Advocate.

Ky is the leading authority in hair and scalp disease, having owned one of the top trichology businesses in the industry. Her work is backed up by countless testimonies of clients who suffered from hair loss for years, until Ky managed to reverse the condition and give them the gift of healthy hair and restored confidence.

As an international educator, expert, and the founder of the American Academy of Hair and Scalp Diseases, in this course Ky shares her proven 3-step strategy that will stabilize and restore your clients hair. You’ll feel confident when treating clients with hair loss, and your business (and your bank account) will thrive.

"You are inspiring and influential!!! Had I not found your Instagram page I would not have gone forward with my education. Thank you for your contributions to my life and industry." 

- Miesha Edmond, Trichologist


Is iD Hair Loss BTC for me? 

If you're a student (you’ll need to show us proof of current enrollment), a licensed hairstylist or barber (you’ll need to show us proof of state license) who desires to impact the lives of your clients by having a better understanding of hair and scalp maladies to address their needs, then this course is for you.

I'm already a Trichologist or a Hair Loss Practitioner, will I get any value?

What's most interesting about iD Hair Loss BTC is that Ky not only helps those starting out, but many of her Trichology peers seek her guidance due to the complex nature of the field.

The "magic" within Ky lies in the mastery of her core ability to make understanding Trichology as easy as 1-2-3. So even if you're already a practicing Trichologist or a Hair Loss Practitioner you'll benefit from the discoveries Ky has made, which you can adopt and use to grow your business.

How can I benefit from this training?

There are several Trichology courses within the beauty industry, but nothing compares to the knowledge you'll receive over 3 full days with Ky and her team. There isn't a product being pushed down your throats, just tons of information that will empower you to bring change into your clients lives, which in turn will change your life personally, professionally and financially. 

Not only that, but you will be in a virtual room surrounded with the most successful beautypreneurs in the industry. This is your opportunity to create relationships that will last a lifetime.

Is my ticket refundable or transferable?

Once purchased, monies are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Can anyone attend the event?

This event is limited to licensed individuals and students only. No spouses, children or other relatives will be permitted within the lecture areas.

What airport should I fly into?

You can fly into any of these two airports: George Bush (IAH) or William P.Hobby Airport (HOU).

When should I arrive for the event?

All the attendees are requested to arrive the day before the event i.e October21st. 

When would I book the return transportation?

The return transportation to be booked no earlier than 8pm on the last day of the event i.e October 24th. If you are a VIP guest please book your return flight after 5p October25th.

Will the host provide accommodation?

The host will not be providing the accommodation. Attendees will receive the information about the hotel where they can book the accommodation on their end.

How long is the event per day?

The duration of the event is 9 hours per day.

Will there be refreshments?

Only continental breakfast will be provided for the days of the event. Lunch and dinner needs to be taken care of on your end.

Are you ready to give your career a makeover?

Register for iD Hair Loss BTC now and reserve your spot on this exclusive gathering of A-list licensed cosmetologists and barbers. 

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